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Vintage Gas 

Bracket Rules

These vintage gas rules and regulations were drafted with the intention that all vehicles must represent the appearance of the early gas cars from the 50’s to the early 70’s.

The intent of this class is to give the crowd a good old fashion show that is reminiscent the of the “good ol days”, to grow and promote grass roots racing, and most importantly having fun!

All V/G vehicles limited to 10.00 ET over ¼ mile in competition.

Body types.

All body styles are accepted, but are limited to pre 1970 USA and Australian production vehicles, and pre 1948 hot rods. Other vehicles reminiscent of the era may be accepted/approved by the V.G.C (Vintage Gas Committee) prior to race entry. For new cars needing approval, must be agreed by all state representatives for acceptance.

Strictly, All vehicles must be pre approved by the V.G.C (before an entry is lodged). All decisions are final. Vehicles changed or not comply in accordance with these rules on race day, will not be eligible for competition.

For preapproval in your state, contact, VIC, Damien on 0422003183. Email: , QLD, Shaun on 0417350450, Email:, NSW, Simon on 0410451013. Email , photos will be required.

Mandatory :To be eligible to enter Vintage Gas.

Negative rake – No exception’s. Straight axle is highly preferred.

Name of vehicle, (not the sponsor) must be prominently displayed on both sides and be able to be seen by spectators. Sign writing must be reminiscent of the era (no modern style).

All scoops and body modifications must only be reminiscent of the era. ( No areo wings or modern style scoops). No streamlining. Roof chops are accepted.

Steel or period style wheels only. (cragar, halibrand, ansen, etc). No Billet or modern types of wheels.

Mandatory : To be eligible to enter Vintage Gas. (continued)

Open headers. No full exhaust systems. Remember this is a fun, crowd pleasing class!

Racing slicks, No radials

Body & Chassis

Chassis may be part or fully fabricated from box section. No tube or space age type chassis. Must be left or right hand steer. No center steer.

Body’s can be fibre glass replicas. Body panels can be substituted for replacement glass panels, eg boot, bonnet, flip front etc. No streamlining or modern type glass front clips.

Both front doors must be able to be opened from inside and out at all times. Doors not operational must have handles removed.

Factory tinted glass or coloured Perspex (3mm min) windows permitted. Front windshield must be clear.

All non operative windows must be permanently closed

Must also meet current ANDRA regulations.


All automobile type engines reminiscent of the era only permitted. Auto transmissions and manual gear boxes are allowed. Clutches must be operated manually from the drivers foot and not can not be a multi stage lock up. Air and electric shifters are not to be fitted.

Transbrakes and rev limiters are permitted.

Aftermarket blocks, Alloy heads are permitted.

All ignitions are allowed up to 2 step/stage system. No delay or data recording boxes, No electronic throttle stops or cross over boxes are allowed to be fitted to the vehicle.

Nitrous oxide and superchargers are allowed but limited to 8/71 roots type only.

Any intake and carb combination or mechanical injection is allowed.

 No electronic fuel injection is allowed.

Pump and alcohol fuels only.

All vehicles must be self starting.

Must also meet current ANDRA regulations.


All components must be constructed to a high quality standard and be reminiscent of the “gasser period”

Straight axle is highly preferred for this class. Factory I beam front axles and era correct suspension is acceptable.

Ladder bars longer than half the wheel base in length must run wheelie bars.

Cal-tracs and “slapper” bars are permitted

Must also meet current ANDRA regulations.


It is recommended by the committee that all cars are tech inspected.

Fuel tanks, brakes, batteries, roll cage, safety harness, lights etc and safety requirements Must meet the current ANDRA rules and regulations.

Vintage Gas: Welcome
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