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Top Eliminator

Bracket Rules

Top Eliminator bracket.  Quickest of the quick bracket, Pre-1980 body style vehicles, funny cars, altereds, FEDs, dragsters, Outlaw cars with early bodies. Typically cars capable of running quicker than 8sec 1/4 mile.


We encourage a more period look, body wheels etc. but understand that some outlaw cars are modern drag cars with newer drive train components and aero to make them safer, quicker, etc. and just have older style bodies.  Considered a feature bracket, the crowd come to see exceptionally quick, over powered, loud, ground shakin' drag cars and we all love to see that so this is where you fit in.

If it fits the Nostalgia Drags look you're in, come and put on a show, relax a bit and have some fun.

All cars need to comply with current ANDRA Tech and or IHRA Tech to compete at sanctioned tracks

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