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Nostalgia Drags Racing Format

Pro Tree - DYO - Chicargo Shoot Out - All Brackets

Pro-Tree : Once staged, you get all yellow once ----- then Green.

DYO : Dial Your Own racing where you nominate the time you are going to run before you race.  The officials enter your time as you come up to the start line / burnt out area, just write it on your windows so it is easy to see and read.  You can change it if you need to before each run.

Chicargo Shoot Out - The two cars that have the round wins as well as run closest to their dial in without breaking out of course, get in the final.  You may take the wins but be way off your dial in and a competitor may have had a loss but runs closer to their dial in the rounds than you did and they will get through to the final.  Paired up against a different competitor in your bracket for each run.  Decided by track officials and all decisions are final.

Rounds - Typically there are 2 qualifyers then 3 - 5 DYO rounds time permitting then one final for each bracket.  Oil downs, crashes and weather etc. all have an effect on how many rounds the tracks can get through on the day and gets adjusted accordingly.

This Nostalgia drag racing format developed by the Australian Nostalgia Racers means the fans get to see all the cars more than once and because us racers all travel a long distance to run at the nostalgia drag meetings we get to run more than once.  Even if you loose all rounds for the day you get to run qualifiers and all the rounds.  The Pro-Tree makes it hard for sneaky racers to run delay boxes even though they are not allowed and it makes DYO racing tougher and more exciting.  The DYO brackets allows a wide variety of vehicles to compete and requires driver and tuning skills to have any shot at the final.

And finally its all about the show, getting the nostalgia cars out on the track for the spectacle of it, the roar of a competition engine, the sweet smell of racing fuel in the air, do a skid, put the wheels in the air and send it.

Racing Format: Welcome
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