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Middle Eliminator

Bracket Rules

Altereds, FEDs, Rails, we encourage the older cars that may not be competitive in modern ANDRA competition eliminator to come out and run in this Middle Eliminator bracket, put on a show and have some fun. Its all about doing a skid and send it, put a smile on your dial as well as the fans want to see that some of the old cars are still around.

No delay boxes, No Electronic Fuel Injection and No Turbos.  Can be late model engine but must be a carbie and distributor or carburettor and a stand alone electronic ignition, like for example an MSD or similar.

V8, 6 or 4 cyl engines, naturally aspirated, Nitrous, mechanical injection, methanol, roots style super chargers and blow through carb centrifugal superchargers are all ok

We encourage a more period look for the newer built cars, at least change the scoop back to an older style for the nostalgia meeting and more period look wheels would be appreciated, after all it is Nostalgia Drag Racing so preference will be given to period looking cars.

Traditional Altereds had pre-48 body styles, a grill shell an no driver canopies.  Traditional dragsters were all front engine [FED]. Funny Cars with a pre-1978 body style are considered to be more Nostalgic.

The dragster cannot be push started like the old days though, the tracks are just not set up with the space to allow for that. So it has to have a starter motor of some sort.

All cars need to comply with current ANDRA Tech and or IHRA Tech to compete at sanctioned tracks.

Middle Eliminator: Welcome
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