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Nostalgic Bike

Bracket Rules

Early 1980s and Pre 1980s model muscle bikes.

Multi Engine drag bikes of  the 1960s and 1970s?

We are looking for some help here from people that want to run in Nostalgic Bike.

Not all tracks will run, or offer, a nostalgic bike bracket because of poor attendance in the past. Like no one turns up on race day.

When we [Australian Nostalgia Racers] thought of a nostalgic bike bracket we think motorcycles that look like early muscle bikes like in  the movie Mad Max 1.

Below are some examples of what we were thinking of. None of us organisers are bike guys but we keep getting  asked to run a bike bracket and we say sure come along make some passes and help us with the bracket rules and yet no one comes up with anything or turns up to support it on race day.  Our current thinking is there is not enough depth of people interested in drag racing older bikes to make a bracket work. Prove we are wrong.


So here is the call out, as of now, July 2024 you motorcycle guys get together and come to us with a simple and workable set of bracket rules that encourage others to join, is a fun bracket and gives the look, feel, and sound of those old muscle bikes. Like for example where should the cut off year be? We don't want multiple bike brackets, we just need one bracket that works and allows a diverse range of bikes to fit in. After all Nostalgia racing is all about the show and to make it fun.

Until then here are some ideas below we grabbed off the internet, if your bike is like any of these, you're in. Enter if it is offered as a bracket at one of our events or become a paid supporter of our club and help us get something worthwhile up and going for nostalgic drag bike enthusiasts.

All motorcycles would need to pass ANDRA or IHRA tech.


Kawasaki Z1000 drag bike

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Kwaka 750 3 cyl 2 stroke

The widow maker as they were affectionately known. Kawasaki 750


Classic Muscle bike

The iconic 6cyl Honda is a good example


Kawasaki Drag Bike

Example of a 1970s Z series with 1980s drag bike styling


Honda Drag Bike

Modified bike


Early Honda Drag modified

Modified street bike for drag racing


Kwaka Z900 Muscle bike

Lowered and stretched for drag racing - nice


Honda Drag bike

Classic 70s drag bike


Multi - engine

If we think about the 70s remember the multi engine bike

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