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Super Stock

Nostalgia Bracket - Super Stock Rules

10.0 to 13.0 1/4 mile et range

Chrome bumper race cars (bumpers not required to be fitted)

The Aim of this Super Stock Bracket is to have the look and feel of proper old Drag Cars and have a dedicated race car looking and orientated bracket.

A Name on both sides .. cars must have a prominent name - if your car does not have a prominent name then it fits into US Muscle or Aussie Muscle brackets.

Period style wheels .. so that means no modern billet or modern forged wheels and no bulky modern bead locks. Send us a pic if you are not sure and we will let you know. Otherwise it fits into US Muscle or Aussie Muscle brackets

Open headers - no mufflers required - it is NOT super street
Slicks preferably, (but not essential) drag are radials ok.

Can be tubbed or not tubbed - must have a period look.


NO modern highly tuned, high power EFI turbo engines in this bracket full stop, there is no nostalgia in that.

No delay boxes, No traction control.

Two step, trans brakes and line lockers OK.

Naturally aspirated or boosted is ok, this is a time cut off bracket so if you are boosted and you are quicker than 10sec then one of the eliminator brackets is best suited for your car.

Have fun attitude.. (essential) if we see you frowning your out

So to recap - chrome bumper from the factory, open header race car, prominent name on the side of it, cool period wheels.


All cars need to comply with ANDRA Tech or IHRA Tech to compete at sanctioned tracks


Tubbed cars like this OK

If your car is tubbed and looks period like this one great. If you are in doubt send us a photo.


Perfect Super Stock Example

This is what we were thinking when setting up the Super Stock bracket to capture that classic look and feel of that era.


Another good example

A dedicated race car like this Mustang is a good visual example of what we envisaged would fill the Super Stock field. A letter box style bonnet scoop would have been ideal but this is ok too, as it generally has the right look.

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