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Aussie Muscle

Bracket Rules

Australian Production Vehicles pre 1980 chrome bumper sedans, wagons, coupes, utes.  Aussie Fords, Holdens, Valiants, english body styles and early jap cars that have been a traditional drag car go to body style in the past.  The aim of this bracket to have the look and feel of early Australian drag racing events even though some may choose to run fairly modern drive trains.


This is fun bracket to come and run your favorite car with like minded people, from seasoned racers to first timers. We need a few rules to keep the look and feel of the events different to modern drag racing but not be too serious so as to keep it fun.

This bracket is for tough Aussie street cars and Aussie bodied drag cars that don't fit the Nostalgic Bracket Super Stock. If you are exceptionally quick you may be placed into the Top Eliminator bracket or this bracket may be split into an A and B  depending on entries on a per event basis and at the discretion of the track on the day.

​Can be late model engine but preference given to carbie and distributor or carburettor and a stand alone electronic ignition, like for example an MSD or similar.  V8, 6 or 4 cyl engines, naturally aspirated, Nitrous, mechanical injection, methanol, roots style super chargers and blow through carb centrifugal superchargers are all ok. Turbo with a single SU carb or a single 4 barrel Holley style carb like we ran in the 70s and 80s are ok too.

NO modern highly tuned, high power EFI turbo engines in this bracket full stop, there is no nostalgia in that.
No delay boxes, No traction control


Two step, trans brakes and line lockers OK..


EFI exception - A road registered car can run in this bracket with a naturally aspirated OEM factory EFI engine or a carby replacement style integral EFI unit on a conventional carby manifold, provided that; it is eligible for full rego or club plates, however it does not have to be registered at the time, ie. not a dedicated race car. So to be fair we are allowing space for modern powered street cars to enter.  However it must have a bonnet fitted so the engine can not be seen by the average punter.  Us die hard nostalgia racers don't believe EFI is nostalgic in anyway however we accept that many street cars are running modern EFI set ups for drive-ability reasons etc. but still look and feel like a period muscle car.  Your car may be quite acceptable. If you are in doubt send us a picture and some details and we will let you know.


We encourage a more period look, after all it is Nostalgia Drag Racing so preference will be given to period looking cars with period wheels etc.  See if you can out do your mates with more period correct stuff on your car.

In Australia we were a pretty unique look in the early days because of our local production cars as well as the cheap and plentiful small English and jap body styles that you could find at the tip and stuff a big engine into. It would be great to see some of those early cars found and bought up to race ready condition.

All cars need to comply with ANDRA Tech or IHRA Tech to compete at sanctioned tracks

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