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About Us

Why a dedicated Australian Nostalgia Racers Club

Australian Nostalgia Racers Vic inc. exists as a club for those that want to be actively involved in the Nostalgia Drag Racing scene. To get the first hand knowledge of events and what is happening in the scene, it is good to belong.

We provide a point of contact for the tracks that want to run a Nostalgia Drags event and a wide set of Bracket rules that cater for a wide range of nostalgia cars, from street cars to full race only.   

The rules have been developed from talking to like minded racers, and are there as a guide for racers preparing a car, and for tracks to know what cars are likely to turn up if they put those Nostalgia Brackets on. The Nostalgia Brackets are more about the look and feel of the event to keep it Nostalgic and different to a modern drag racing event.  A modern drag racing event is high tech, with a lot of  high boosted turbo cars, the sound of these types of modern drag cars is far removed from years gone by, hence why we exclude them from all Nostalgia Brackets, they already have plenty of events to run at.

Nostalgia Racing is, essentially to promote events for the old school racer to have a blast in their old car in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with their mates. 

We are a not for profit club, we all volunteer our time and we are all racers, or passionate Nostalgia drag racing fans.

With this in mind you will find below our Purpose Statements that sum up our club and what we stand for.


Purpose Statements
Australian Nostalgia Racers Vic INC

  • Its all about the drag racing, to promote and organise the motorsport of organised legal drag racing for Nostalgia type vehicles in Australia

  • To make Nostalgia Drag Racing events a great spectacle experience for Fans and racers

  • Facilitate legal drag racing activities and competition events for our members and associates.

  • To compete for prize money and trophies as part of all our combined drag racing and social activities as determined by the club from time to time.

  • To be a well-recognised brand, being a strong voice for the Nostalgia Drag Racing movement, both racers and fans representing commitment, integrity and no bullshit.

  • To not favour one national administration body over another and to be able to drag race under any sanctioning body at any event at any track.

  • To lobby administration bodies to get uniformly accepted tech inspections across all administration bodies and tracks

  • To be a central point of contact for Nostalgia drag racing activities to bring competitors, tracks and fans together

  • To play a key role in the ongoing development of the rules that cover the various Nostalgia Drag racing brackets and drag racing formats that we compete under. To update them and keep the rules relevant to the fans, racers and to the history of drag racing in Australia.

  • To lobby race tracks and other regional clubs’ organised opportunities to run Nostalgia Drag Racing Events to our rules

  • To provide social activities for the membership, family and associates of Australian Nostalgia Racers.

  • To assist racers understand the rules, why the rules exist and provide information and or services to get their cars compliant with the bracket rules and meet national sanctioned tech inspections.

  • To promote road safety

  • To encourage and assist activities designed to create good relations between the general public/authorities and the sport

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