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Hot Rod

Bracket Rules

Pre 1948 Hot Rods, purpose built drag cars and street driven Hot Rods.

No delay boxes, No Electronic Fuel Injection and No Turbos.  Can be late model engine but must be a carbie and distributor or carburettor and a stand alone electronic ignition, like for example an MSD or similar.

V8, 6 or 4 cyl engines, naturally aspirated, Nitrous, mechanical injection, methanol, roots style super chargers and blow through carb centrifugal superchargers are all ok

We encourage a more period look, body and wheels, scoops etc. after all it is Nostalgia Drag Racing so preference will be given to period looking cars.

All cars need to comply with current ANDRA Tech or IHRA Tech to compete at sanctioned tracks

Hot Rod: Welcome
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