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Modern Muscle

Nostalgia Class Bracket - MM [Modern Muscle]

Vehicles 40years and older. V8, 6cyl, 4cyl or rotary engines. This class is for all vehicles powered with EFI engines, modern turbos, screw superchargers or god forbid, an electric motor. All plastic bumper cars, for example VK commodores, XD to XF falcons etc. even if it has a carburettor.  

If your car doesn’t meet any of the other Nostalgia class brackets then this is where you enter it and we will decide on the day at scrutineering if it gets slotted into one of the more traditional nostalgia brackets. 

Vehicles must have some Nostalgia qualities about them, for example old bodied cars with modern running gear or for example a 90s built pro-street plastic bumper car. If it has some Nostalgic qualities about the car, if its arguably cool, if it has some spectator popularity or a possible draw card, then you are probably in.

If you are unsure about your car contact us with pics and a description of the car. However, race organisers reserve the right to deny entry and give no reason. It's all about the show – our show. 

Option to split class into 10.49 and quicker MT1 and 10.50sec and slower MT2 – numbers dependant on the day.

Vehicles must comply to ANDRA and IHRA tech for sanctioned tracks.

A bit of back ground to this new bracket - ANR would like to encourage participation of racers with vehicles which fit the Nostalgia look (cool as) but are clearly powered by what is considered modern technology to most traditional Nostalgia racers and or are of a body style regarded as post 1980s chrome bumper cars. 

So yes we have listened, here is where you fit, are you ready to race?

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