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Australian Nostalgia Racers

The home of Nostalgia Drag Racing in Australia

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Australian Nostalgia Racers Vic INC. is a drag racing club where a diversity of racers, fans and supporters come together to share their passion for Nostalgia Drag Racing vehicles Australia wide.  Keeping the passion going for pre 1980 chrome bumper cars fitted with carburettor and distributor engines, V8, 6cyl, and 4cyl. Naturally aspirated, Nitrous Oxide, roots superchargers and mechanical injection, this is old school drag racing. 

Dust off your old drag car or build another one and come to one of our Nostalgia Drag Racing events.  Do a skid, put the front wheels in the air and send it.  Its all about maximum fun, tell old stories, tell new stories, make new memories, see old friends and make new ones.

No delay boxes, No turbos or electronic fuel injection [EFI] because laptop tuning and turbos' are not old skool and there is plenty of drag racing opportunities for those cars anyway.  So if you want to race with us and have some fun, dump the tech, you will find the Nostalgia bracket rules here and are fairly easy to comply with.

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Nostalgia Nationals September 2022 Heathcote Park Raceway

September 12, 2022

Nostalgia Nats 2022 Heathcote Park Raceway. Follow the link for an insight to the action this year. It captures all the sights and sounds

Nostalgia Nats & Pioneer Awards September 2022 at Heathcote Park Raceway

September 12, 2022

A photo montage of our event this year as captured by local photographer. follow this link.

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About Us

Australian Nostalgia Racers - It's all about the racing

Australian Nostalgia Racers Vic INC. was founded back in the 1990s for old drag racers to come together and share their experiences and passion for the old skool tuning techniques and find a place for the older drag cars to compete like they once did long ago.  Just because the car is not competitive at a modern event doesn't mean it shouldn't run and that's where we fit in.  It's all about the racing, the fans, the racers and the tracks coming together under a set of rules that have evolved over time with feedback from racers and spectators as to what a Nostalgia Drag Racing Event should look like, feel like and sound like. But not only that, the drag cars still have to be compliant and pass current tech inspections, safety has improved over time and that's a good thing.  The cars may look period, run old skool parts, wheels etc. but they still pass current tech and that is key.

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